Friday, December 23, 2011

Costa Rica – Best Country “Brand” in Latin America

For natural beauty, welcoming nature, devotion to peace, democracy, authenticity, quality of life……

Future Brand, a British company, publishes the The Country Brand Index on an annual basis, and uses its own methodology to determine the value of many countries as a brand. The values are based on a wide number of factors including natural features, culture, business environment, quality of life of its residents, and others.The current index was revealed on November 12, 2011.

This past year, Costa Rica improved in the world rankings, to 24th best overall. This placed it highest of all Latin American countries on the global list. Best known for its "No Artificial Ingredients" campaign, Costa Rica has had a national priority to promote the country's image as a protector of its natural wealth.

Costa Rica’s tourism brand is ranked just above that of countries such as Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. The report states, "A strong country brand is more than the sum of its attributes; it must make people's lives better from the progressive policies, to freedom of expression and openness. It must call people around the world to visit that country, to do business, and make a living there.”

To provide the basis for the study’s conclusions over 3500 interviews were conducted between July and September, 2011, involving tourists from more than 14 regions of the world. The study has published the country brand evaluations since 2004.

Globally, Costa Rica is ranked 24th, out of 113 surveyed countries. In Latin America, it is followed by Brazil (31st), Argentina (32nd), Chile (34th), Peru (44th), Mexico (47th) and Uruguay (50th).

The full analysis and a downloadable pdf is available at Future Brand.