Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Let's "Talk Turkey" About Costa Rica and You in 2012!

As families gather together for the long Thanksgiving Weekend in the United States, or for any reason elsewhere in the world, and the discussion turns to what may be ahead for you in 2012, we hope you will consider Costa Rica in your plans. It offers opportunities for anyone considering vacation, investment, retirement, or a change of life. Costa Rica has achieved legendary status as a vacation/adventure paradise, which is often the first step toward involving yourself more deeply in the other dimensions. Will 2012 be the year you try it for the first time, or return to enjoy it again?

Recent headlines about Costa Rica:

The weather is like Hawaii with temperatures never falling below 70F/22C in some parts of the country, especially the northwest Pacific coast.

Known for natural beauty and the “up close” availability of the Earth’s biodiversity, 27% of the country is national park.

The beaches are lovely and varied, and options for ocean sports activities are numerous, including surfing and deep-sea fishing.

In spite of Costa Rica’s popularity with visitors, there are still beaches and natural areas which remain essentially undiscovered, which you may experience in your own way.

80% of Costa Rica’s electricity is generated  from renewable resources.

There are now 2 international airports (San Jose – SJO, and Liberia - LIR) which are both virtually brand-new. There are non-stop flights from cities like Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles which will get you to Costa Rica in approximately 4-5 hours. There are one-stop connections from all over the Western Hemisphere and now parts of Europe.

It is possible to vacation with an active volcano, sunny beach, zip line adventure, and wildlife experiences - all in the same week after arriving at either airport.

The US Dollar and the Costa Rican Colone (coh-loh-nee) are accepted equally throughout the country. Currency exchanges and services can handle all major global currencies.

The Costa Rican economy has been growing steadily during the world financial crisis through diversification into tech fields, medical devices, and global services.

The entire country offers 3G service, and is essentially wi-fied as a result.

International investors are able to control a 100% ownership interest in real estate and corporations with no local participation, and no requirement for residency.

The general property tax rate on real estate is ½ of 1% per year.

The national government has set a national priority to attract foreign retirees to Costa Rica, and simplified some immigration policies to make the transition easier. Retirees may also gain access to the basic level of care in the national health service for as little as $25/month.

Costa Rica’s excellent private health care services and low prices are helping it become a global medical tourism destination - with some of the most beautiful areas in the world in which to recover from procedures.

And there is still much to be done, as Costa Rica takes the last few steps into the realm of 1st world countries. New business opportunities in tourism, investment, and globally-linked services, are still emerging for entrepreneurs.

So, as you may be thinking about your life in 2012, please take a moment to consider, “Do Your Dreams Fit in Costa Rica?”* We will be glad to welcome you here in 2012 to help you decide for yourself. (*Please reply to the sender of this message for a copy of a Power Point slide show with the same name.)

Best Regards,
New Friends You Have Yet to Meet in Costa Rica!

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